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White Paper | Presented by KnowBe4

Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness Report

It's estimated that in 2016, the cost of ransomware was over $1 Billion, making it the most lucrative criminal business model in the history of malware. In this report we examined who is at risk, what the scope and cost of an attack is, how organizations are protecting themselves from ransomware, and the effectiveness of their endpoint protection. Find out what is really the best way to combat the threat of ransomware.

White Paper | Presented by KnowBe4

How Vulnerable Is Your Network Against Ransomware Attacks?

Bad guys are constantly coming out with new versions of ransomware strains to evade detection. Is your network effective in blocking ransomware when employees fall for social engineering attacks? KnowBe4's Ransomware Simulator "RanSim" gives you a quick look at the effectiveness of your existing network protection. RanSim will simulate 10 ransomware infection scenarios and show you if a workstation is vulnerable to infection.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Loggly

Peloton Cycle: Streaming Live Spin Classes to Thousands with Loggly & AWS

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Peloton Cycle leverages Loggly to gain end-to-end visibility across its entire stack on AWS. Learn why Peloton has selected Loggly to collect, view, and analyze log data from their systems, delivering the best possible experience to Peloton Cycle customers. When: April 20, 2017 | 10am-11am PST

Video/Webcast | Presented by Nutanix

The Future of Cloud in Enterprise IT

Virtualization revolutionized IT. Now cloud models are poised to dramatically change IT again. Public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are gaining in popularity as enterprises look for ways to increase IT productivity and lower costs. Though virtualization is still a major component, the cloud model moves the focus from infrastructure to application delivery and services.

KnowledgeVault | Presented by Verizon

Transforming Business Communications for the Digital Era

Legacy IT is too brittle for the speed and complexity of today's organizational changes. CIOs at enterprises like Allergan, NewsCorp, Broadcom and Engie are transforming their businesses and simplifying the process of integration in M&A scenarios.

BitSight Interactive Benchmark

Where is your company on the maturity curve when it comes to building an effective Vendor Risk Management (VRM) program? Take this quick assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your current VRM strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Level 3

Connecting Financial Services' Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Connecting Financial Services' Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Solution Center | Presented by Connection

Connect, Protect, and Manage Your Mobile Fleet

Connect, Protect, and Manage Your Mobile Fleet

Video/Webcast | Presented by SevOne

The State of Legacy Monitoring Tools

The problem with legacy platforms is that organizations didn't set out to use outdated tools. But as complexity of the networks and infrastructures grew, so did the need for additional tools to manage the additions.

White Paper | Presented by Deltek

2017 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark

Service Performance Insight provides an informed and actionable third-party perspective for clients and industry audiences. Our market research and reporting forms the context in which both buyers and sellers of information technology-based solutions maximize the effectiveness of solution development, selection, deployment and use.

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