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White Paper | Presented by Ensono

To Public Cloud or Not to Public Cloud? 5 Questions the C-Suite Wants Answered

The decision to extend IT operations to a Public Cloud provider is not one to be taken lightly. The C-suite wants answers on everything from how well a given application will perform in the Public Cloud to the overall cost effectiveness of migration. This white paper addresses five key questions to consider.

White Paper | Presented by Sonatype

Use DevOps and Supply Chain Principles to Automate Governance

Read this research report to learn why governance processes that depend on manual inspection are guaranteed to fail and how managing the open source supply chain improves governance and reduces risk.

White Paper | Presented by Smartling

7 Symptoms in a Broken Translation Process

Thousands of broken translation processes go undiagnosed each year. It's not like translation teams haven't felt the pain, however. Many limp through their review cycles, wince at the sight of their invocies, and cringe with every correction request. The real issue is an inability to determine what's causing the pain - and the prevailing sense that what they're feeling isn't all that serious.

eBook | Presented by Smartling

eBook: Translation Proxy Technology

Your translation providers have been selected, your contracts have been signed, and your team is excited to finally see their localization strategy come to life. Now, how will you pass text back and forth between your web properties and your translators? That deceptively simple question is often the source of immense frustration.

White Paper | Presented by Smartling

Going Global with Mobile App Content

In today's fast-paced and global marketplace, using sophisticated translation software and services is one of the best ways for mobile app companies to distinguish themselves from the competition. Find out why.

White Paper | Presented by LogMeIn

Live Interactive Video: Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhancing the Customer Experience

Cutting-edge technologies such as live interactive video can help boost CSAT scores and enhance CX - but only if they're easy to use and implement. Live interactive video support technology like LogMeIn's Rescue Lens lets agents and technicians better service customers by leveraging technology that they're already comfortable using-creating a win-win for both customers and customer service organizations.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Connection

Microsoft Azure - The Cloud Platform for Digital Transformation

This webinar will provide you with the specific capabilities that Azure can provide as the platform for your digital transformation. Connection is a widely respected provider of IT services and solutions with the expertise to help you chart the best course to becoming a digital organization utilizing Azure.

Moving Sucks: Making Secure Cloud Migration Painless

To run an agile enterprise, you need to be able to conduct a cloud migration quickly, efficiently, and securely. In this webcast you will learn the importance of establishing a Center for Dynamic Transformation, and how to apply the Shared Responsibility Model to carry out a fast, cost-effective, and secure migration to cloud services.

White Paper | Presented by Panzura

Protect Your Enterprise from Ransomware with Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Storage

In May and June of 2017, WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks took down infrastructure and user systems across the globe. It took some enterprises days to get back to business as usual, and in some unfortunate cases, companies actually paid a ransom to do so. The number of ransomware attacks increased 167x from 2015 to 2016. Traditional methods of ransomware and cryptovirus attack remediation are no longer effective.

eBook | Presented by Smartling

The Data Deficit Crippling Translation Management

You can't manage what you can't measure. Explore the data that's desperately needed to improve modern translation management strategies.

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