Memory-Lane Monday: It’s semi-automatic

The things you can discover when people leave their jobs.

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This developer who’s responsible for a daily report to the managers at a semiconductor manufacturing site decides to put together a process to automatically send out the report every weekday at 8 a.m., reports a pilot fish on the scene.

The report does show up in managers’ inboxes pretty reliably, although there are occasional problems. When that happens, the developer gets a call and the report shows up.

But eventually, in a business downturn, the developer is laid off.

And starting the very next week, the report fails to appear in managers’ mailboxes.

Fish and his colleagues aren’t sure what’s wrong, so they start looking for the automated process to generate the report.

But they can’t find evidence anywhere that a batch job was ever set up to run the report.

“Finally someone suggested he might have been manually running the report every day,” fish says.

“Well,” his manager says, “that would explain why the report ran three hours late when he was on vacation in California.”

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