And the motherboard slipped right out

It’s a whole new category of PC abuse.

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It’s the ’90s, and this pilot fish is working in a company that makes a national brand of snack cake. When a co-worker on the help desk gets a call saying that the computer in the shortening-pumping room has stopped working, fish decides to tag along.

They find the sanitation crew mopping up several hundred pounds of shortening that had escaped from a broken pipe coupler. Sitting on the floor is the PC that has stopped working, a Dell GX1. The height of the flood is plain to see from the high-shortening mark on the PC’s case: around four inches.

The electronics are probably baked, so to speak, but they have nothing to lose, so they remove the motherboard and steam-clean it, letting it set for a week to dry thoroughly.

Then they reinstall it in its cleaned-up case — and it boots up.

Says fish: “Dell doesn’t make them like the GX1 anymore.”


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