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Free and cheap ways to learn about IT security

Free and cheap ways to learn about IT security

From recovering deleted files to setting up an intrusion detection system, these seven projects give you hands-on experience with an array of security tasks.

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Here's how to check if your PC got Microsoft's fix for Windows Defender bug

Security researcher Tavis Ormandy, one of Microsoft’s biggest critics, praises Microsoft for its rapid response to a newly discovered security hole

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Smarter authentication makes mobile experiences more secure, user friendly

Big data and context help make authentication experiences in today's mobile and digital world more secure, yet easier to use.

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Review: Threat hunting turns the tables on attackers

For this review, we tested threat-hunting systems from Sqrrl, Endgame and Infocyte. Each program was tested in a large demo environment seeded with realistic APT threats which had bypassed perimeter defenses and were hiding somewhere...

uk government apple watch ban achieves nothing

UK government Apple Watch ban achieves nothing

What a good time for some mobile security advice

Review: SentinelOne blocks and dissects threats

SentinelOne EPP brings good malware detection, excellent forensics and flexible remediation to business networks.

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Review: Top tools for preventing data leaks

Most security tools are focused on keeping external attackers at bay. But what about the sensitive data that lives inside your network? How do you make sure it doesn’t get out, either intentionally or by accident? That’s where Data...

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