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Choetech wireless charger

atmoph room aw501

The birth of the virtual window

The Atmoph Window 2 could change night into day, a bad view into an amazing one, and likely change the attitude of many of us that occupy horrid windowless offices for the better. And the world needs more technology that could make...

laptop keyboard with a life preserver or personal floatation device [PFD]

Here's an easier way to block the IE XXE zero day security hole

Many well-intentioned people recommend you disable/uninstall Internet Explorer right now to guard against a newly published zero day. It turns out there’s a much simpler way to fix the problem, as long as you don’t rely on MHT files....

Throwback Thursday: Not quite the result they were planning

Sure, but isn’t the monitor extra blurry?

tf19 022 thumb

Qualcomm and Apple settle lawsuit, plus, a look at the streaming service war | TECH(feed)

Qualcomm and Apple shocked many when the two companies settled their global, multi-billion dollar lawsuit. What could this settlement mean for 5G iPhones? Meanwhile, Intel pulls out of the 5G smartphone market. And, Netflix's earnings...

All is A4-OK

Printers and computers always want us to be specific.

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Microsoft surrenders control over Windows 10 upgrades: What you need to know

It's not easy keeping track of all the upgrade timing changes Microsoft keeps rolling out. And now, there's a new one: 'Download and install now.' Here's what that means.


Dying under the radar.

Throwback Thursday: It’s easier that way

Welcome to Basics of Computing 101.

clock and calendar montage

Windows 10 update (and retirement) calendar: Mark these dates

Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows 10 on a set schedule – and just as regularly retiring older versions from support. Here are all the dates you need to know about through Windows 7's retirement in 2020 and beyond.


Do you believe everything you read?

CW > Clean Up Your Windows 10 Act

Microsoft throws in the towel on Windows 10 1809

The company largely stopped distributing the October 2018 Update in March, apparently deciding to simply skip one feature upgrade to solve the problem of two on a collision course.

Grease is the word

Troubleshooting can cause uncontrollable laughter.

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Microsoft move to release Windows 10 1903 in May marks third straight delayed upgrade

Here we go again. Another Windows 10 rollout has been pushed back, showing the strain Microsoft is under to push out feature upgrades on its own six-month schedule.

voice assist

The smart speaker finally gets its killer app for business

It turns out that the most important app for a virtual assistant appliance might be the one you create yourself.

Flashback Friday: Step 1: Make sure you have performed Step 0

Is this thing on?

windows 7 logo in the rear view mirror

Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 posts explosive growth

After losing ground to Windows 7 in February, Windows 10 came charging back in March, posting its largest monthly user share gains since August 2015.

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Microsoft Patch Alert: Most March patches look good

March was a comparatively light patching month and there don’t appear to be any immediate patching worries. A hopeful sign?

steve jobs 2005 wwdc intel switch

Reality distortion: ‘Steve Jobs would never…’

The 'Steve would never' trope is little more than projection.

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