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A Modern Approach for Content Services: Migration of FileNet to Amazon Web Services

For too long, FileNet customers have struggled with an old and outdated system that can no longer meet the needs of modern content services platforms and infrastructures.

Is the DBA dead... or alive and preparing for the future?

Watch this webcast and you’ll get to see real-world statistics on the evolving role of the DBA, common DBA concerns and valuable insights for career success. You’ll also learn how the trends of DevOps, cloud, NoSQL, big data and more will shape the future.

Top Technology Challenges for CXOs & How to Avoid Them

In the current changing regulatory environment and a complex global economy, CXOs must be prepared for a host of complex technology challenges.

eGuide | Presented by 128 Technology

SD-WAN eGuide

The software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is a specific application of software-defined networking technology applied to WAN connections such as broadband internet

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Normalize Discovered Software to Effective Software Asset Management

This best practice guide will help you get the most out of software normalization process and showcase the benefits realized during software publisher audits and renewal discussions.

eBook | Presented by Splunk

The Incident Management Buyers Guide

The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to discuss why progressive, high-performing teams choose to invest in high-performance incident management software.

From Email to Virtual Reality: The Impact of Technology on Employee Experience

In an effort to understand the impact of employee-facing technologies on employee experience, Adobe partnered with IDG in June 2018 to survey 372 respondents in IT-related roles. This report delves into key findings to determine how technologies, from old-standby email to futurisitc VR/AR tools, are both challenging IT teams and benefiting employees.

Miscellaneous | Presented by McAfee

Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

Cloud services bring a momentous opportunity to accelerate business through their ability to quickly scale, allow us to be agile with our resources, and provide new opportunities for collaboration.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

How ServiceNow delivers high-performance business services with AIOps

Learn how ServiceNow has been applying machine learning and analytics with AIOps to help you cut through event noise to create actionable signals, identify service outages and degradations, remediate service and infrastructure issues accurately, and drive continuous improvement in service quality.

White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Next Generation Software Asset Management

Organizations spend a huge amount of money on enterprise software. Software asset management (SAM) practitioners still wrestle with time‑consuming, inaccurate manual processes hosted in spreadsheets or legacy SAM tools.

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