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New Compute Experience for Hybrid IT Agility, Security, and Economic Control

Download the eBook to learn how HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and data center services from Summit Partners, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner and trusted IT advisor, can help you better address hybrid IT, handle your diverse workload requirements, and hand economic control back to you.

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Business Drivers for Data Privacy

With the arrival of major U.S. and international regulations that have touchpoints to data privacy, organizations must turn more attention to data discovery. They need to know what they’re storing digitally, exactly where that information resides, and how much of it is subject to which regulatory retention/preservation rules

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A Developer’s Guide to the OWASP Top 10 2017

This guide provides an overview of each 2017 OWASP Top 10 application security risk and practical tips for writing secure code. It also provides sample code snippets and easy-to-follow remediation guidance to help you improve the security of your applications.

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Application Security Research Update 2018

Each year, the Software Security Research (SSR) team at Micro Focus releases this report on the current state of application security.

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The Future of Retail

For retailers and brands navigating this new world, digital intelligence and innovation—be it an artificial intelligence powered chatbot that fields customerservice requests or a hyper-local store assortment informed by the Internet of Things—are critical to driving sales and margins in today’s on-demand consumer economy.

9 Misconceptions About Third-Party Risk Management

Some TPRM professionals (and the individuals who approve their budgets) are relying on subjective, outdated information to make decisions — and that information could be putting their organization at risk. In an effort to address this issue, we’re exploring nine misconceptions about third-party risk management that are most likely to negatively affect TPRM outcomes.

Protecting Against Third-Party Breaches Requires Continuous Monitoring

With growing numbers of data breaches being traced to third parties with lax security controls and processes, organizations need to implement “always-on” vendor risk management programs.

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Factory of the Future: Achieving excellence in manufacturing, today

Digital forces are affecting operations within nearly every industry, presenting manufacturers with a renewed opportunity to drive efficiency throughout every link in the supply chain—from strategic research and development, agile factory operations and ongoing maintenance capabilities. With the availability of IoT and other connected sensors, manufacturers are pivoting towards new business models focused.

Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services

Successful companies thrive within an ecosystem of complementary vendors of products and services. Lax cybersecurity practices on the part of one vendor, however, could endanger all companies within an ecosystem. That risk is made more acute by the current threat landscape, in which threats have never been more numerous, more varied, or more ingenious.

How to Strengthen Your Vendor Risk Management Strategy Through Automation

STEPHEN BOYER, CTO of BitSight, explains how organizations can incorporate automation to develop more mature vendor risk management programs.

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