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Atmosera Presents: Cloud Migration

“Digital transformation”—what does it mean to you? Is it just one more overused “buzz phrase,” or do you use it as a serious description of how you would like your organization to evolve over the next year or two? Do you have a plan for that evolution? Is company leadership on board?

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At the Intersection of the Cloud and Digital Transformation: Security, Operability, and IT Functionality

The digital transformation of business workloads revolutionizes both internal business operations and the customer experience. Connectivity, scalability, efficiency, agility—these resounding value props echo in leadership meetings and entice organizations to undertake the migration of workloads to cloud environments.

White Paper | Presented by Atmosera

Best Practices: Enterprise Cloud Migration to Azure

As companies look to move workloads to the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform, having a well-constructed strategy is critical to realizing the transformative power the cloud offers.

White Paper | Presented by Atmosera

Continuing your Azure journey: security and ROI optimizations

The cloud journey doesn’t end once workloads are migrated to Microsoft Azure; it is a process of continuous improvement to make the most of your cloud investment.

White Paper | Presented by Atmosera

Migration to Microsoft Azure: A technical overview

Not long ago, server virtualization changed the face of corporate IT. The technology unleashed efficiencies and capabilities not possible when applications and data were constrained by physical hardware. Now, many companies are now moving their virtualized computing environment to the public cloud, reducing the burden, expense, and risk of maintaining an on-premises-only environment.