SD-WAN: Why Traditional Security Doesn’t Cut It

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IT environments are increasingly leveraging cloud services (SaaS and IaaS) to drive the business and create better digital experiences. SD-WAN technology provides an efficient way for organizations to transform from legacy network architectures to a modern, cloud-centric environment. To make this transformation successful, organizations must also change their approach to security.
Join ESG Sr. Analyst, Bob Laliberte, and Zscaler’s VP of Product Management, Steve House, as they discuss how organizations can leverage SD-WAN technology and cloud security solutions to transform from legacy network architectures to a modern environment.

During this webinar, you will learn:  
•    How SD-WAN addresses the traditional network challenges faced when moving applications to the cloud
•    Why security must change to support SD-WAN
•    How to ensure security and optimized performance in a cloud-centric environment