Accelerate Your Journey To The Edge with VNS Application Edge

Brought to you by Intel and Verizon

As more and more of the applications being designed today demand real, or near real-time responsiveness, it is quickly becoming clear that edge infrastructure to support these applications is essential to success.  Many applications need reduced latency and the improved performance that can be delivered by edge infrastructure.  The rapid move to the edge makes it important for IT organizations to leverage solutions that can support edge infrastructure most quickly.  This is where the Verizon VNS Application Edge delivers a meaningful advantage to its customers.  As a fully managed service, it simplifies the design, deployment, and use of this offering.

During this event, we’ll focus on the benefits of moving to the edge, the applications and use cases that are moving to the edge, and how to implement edge infrastructure to support applications faster.  Experts from Verizon and Deloitte will provide detail from their experiences and the processes they use to drive successful deployment.