Cybersecurity EO - Essential Insight for Agency Implementation

Federal staff are under increasing pressure to modernize their security operations, fortify networks, and apply available expertise to become more informed and prepared for the next cyber attack. To address the recurring and future cyber threats to trusted agency operations and service delivery, the Administration recently issued an aggressive cybersecurity Executive Order (EO) that requires all Federal Government organizations to revisit their cybersecurity infrastructures, personnel, and network defenses. The actions called for in this EO are sweeping and intended to drive modernization of public sector cyber postures as never before.

Following the May 2021 EO, the Administration released additional direction in late August 2021 to all agencies regarding logging, log retention, and log management (EO Section 8). The expanded guidance establishes a maturity model with four Event Logging (EL) tiers that are intended to increase governmentwide “visibility before, during, and after a cybersecurity incident.” All agencies are required to improve their log management with specified milestones to advance from EL0 to EL3 maturity within 24 months.

Join this session to learn how Splunk can:

  • Help your organization meet EL 2 Intermediate Tier capabilities required within 18 months
  • Equip your agency staff and industry partners with the means to see everything happening in your environments and take decisive action in real time
  • Provide your SOC with FedRAMP-authorized services (at the Moderate Impact Level) to accelerate agency cloud adoption and IT modernization initiatives

Who Should Attend?

  • Tier 1,2,3 SOC analysts
  • Threat Intelligence teams with an interest in automation
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Splunk’s flexible and trusted computing environments including senior executives such as Head of SOC, SOC Managers, Head of Incident Response