KuppingerCole Report - Safeguarding Your Most Valuable Data: Five Key Criteria to Assess Cloud Provider Security

Digital Transformation, powered by Intel Xeon Platinum Processor, has profoundly changed our entire society, especially in the last decade.

The world today is quickly growing more digitalized, interconnected, and complex. Most companies seem to intuitively understand the cloud’s operational benefits such as elastic scale, reducing costs, automation, and even security. Yet some see risks such as added network latency, potential availability problems, or the risk of cloud vendor or platform lock-in. A surprising majority of IT specialists see the cloud as a more secure alternative to their existing onpremises infrastructure. This can be especially true for smaller companies with limited IT security staff. All Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) invest heavily in the security and compliance of their infrastructure and gladly offer their customers a large portfolio of security solutions and services.

However, many companies are still struggling with identifying the basic criteria for selecting the right cloud provider for their business needs, security policies and compliance requirements. This whitepaper focuses on defining five key security-focused selection criteria to help you with this choice.